International School Meals Day is March 3rd


The following blog post was originally posted in the USDA Food and Nutrition Service Newsletter 'The Dirt', Volume 2, Issue 5, February 23, 2016

International School Meals Day is Fresh and Local

Help raise awareness of the importance of food and nutrition to education by joining the celebration of International School Meals Day, Thursday, March 3! International School Meals Day brings together children and communities across the world sharing to share experiences, stories and news about food in their local communities.

We’re excited for this year’s theme of fresh and healthy local foods! Many schools around the globe have farm to school programs. Local farmers play a huge role in strengthening local economies and contributing to vibrant communities everywhere.

Curious how other countries use local food at school? Follow the activity on Twitter using #ISMD2016 or go to this tumblr page to see stories and pictures of favorite dishes and traditional school meals. Share your own photos and stories with this cross-cultural opportunity! 

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