It’s oftentimes easier to hear tips and tricks from folks who've been through it before and from those who face the same barriers you do.  An important fact to consider is that while some farm to school programs are more advanced than others, everybody started at the beginning.  Three graduate students from the Clinton School of Public Service just finished their practicum project with the Access to Healthy Foods Research Group at Arkansas Children’s Research Institute creating profiles of people and projects working to advance farm to school in Arkansas.  These “Groundbreakers” share their stories of Arkansas Farm to School best practices, lessons learned, challenges faced, and resources they would need for expansion.  “The idea of the whole project is to provide inspiration to others around the state who might be looking at farm to school and increase peer-to-peer sharing,” says Amy Stewart.  The profiles share the various ways that real people in Arkansas have become involved in farm to school.  “We’re trying to hit this wide array of opportunities so people understand [the many ways to participate]," adds Nicole Hellthaler.

Clinton School Practicum Team

Pictured: Joshua DeBruyn, Nicole Hellthaler, Amy Stewart, MPS Candidates

The Groundbreaker Profile documents are available for viewing and download on our Resources page.  The video and profiles will be available at meetings and trainings as resources. The Access to Healthy Foods Research Group will be creating additional profiles.  If you'd like your project shared, contact Jenna Rhodes at


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